Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research

TIME: 2017-08-31
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1. Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research 

 Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research was established by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Wuhan Gaoke Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. The set up of Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research benefits Wuhan in giving play to its strengths in strong science research team and abundant resources in technology. It is an effective way to promote the development of "Chinese Species Hub" and the development of bio-agriculture industry. It is also the important support of promoting the city's modern urban agriculture in the forefront of the country.

 Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research focuses on bio-agriculture, cultivating health industry, decoding food safety,  and implement integrated innovation. It has spent billions to build parks and a hundred of billions of to develop the industry.

 2. Resource Aggregation

 Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research is supported by Wuhan Municipal and Wuhan government.It has highly explored potential resources of domestic and overseas’s industrial technology research institute, biological industrial technology research institute, academic research teams and expert academicians.


 3. Development Direction

 Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research’s development is in accord with the national strategy, conforms to the industrial development trend. The institute adheres to cooperate with the government and enterprises, being market-oriented, and adopting enterprise operation mechanism, focuses on becoming an important platform of Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area. And also  become the new bright spot of the East Lake High-tech Area of biological agriculture in the field.

 4.Social Benefits

 The set up of Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research is conducive to enhance the regional biological and health industry’s innovation ability, and can accelerate the integration of Wuhan, China and the world’s biological and health industry quality resources, and to promote food safety and life-health industry development.

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