Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute

TIME: 2017-08-29
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Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 30 millions yuan. It is a modern agricultural park and a new rural construction program provider. In 2013, the company was listed on the Equity Custody Trading Centre in Wuhan, Stock Name: Agricultural Planning, stock code: 100026, and the company's share is open to the public. 

 Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute has qualifications of Agriculture and Forestry Industry (integrated ecological agricultural engineering development) design, Urban and Rural Planning, Tourism Planning, Agriculture and Construction Consulting, General Contracting of Construction Projects,etc. It also undertakes agriculture and forestry, water conservancy, construction, landscape garden, forestry consulting and the one-stop service of surveying, planning, design and construction. The company is equipped with professional technical personnel, including registered engineers of water conservancy, urban planning, land resources management, horticulture, landscape architecture, water conservancy and hydro power, roads and bridges, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquatic products, gardening, food processing,etc. There are 14 registered professionals in urban planning, water supply and drainage, structure, electricity, HVAC and advisory engineering, 6 senior technicians and 15 medium-grade registered professionals as well.

 When the company was first established, it set "plan China's the most beautiful village" as the goal to increase farmers' revenue and agricultural efficiency as their responsibility. The company makes good use its own advantages, integrates academic resources, cooperates with research institutes, gathers domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars, makes the focal points stand out the design philosophy of Advanced Planning, Innovative Design, Integration of Urban and Rural Design, serving the Issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area. The Company actively carries out agricultural development strategy research, agricultural policy research, agricultural industry research, agricultural planning and design research, agriculture-related research, agricultural project investment consulting research, Proposal, feasibility study report, fund application report, business plan, implementation plan, industrial development special plan, agricultural park planning, beautiful rural and characteristic town construction planning, agricultural project preliminary design, construction design and construction. Up to now, it has completed more than 500 planning and design projects, and many of projects have won awards in China, the scope of business covers the whole country, the overall planning and design area is more than 300,000 square kilometers, pulled social investment reaches nearly 500 billion yuan. It has been identified as a high-tech enterprise by Hubei Province and identified as scientific and technological enterprise by Wuhan.

 After struggling with all the difficulities yourself, others will help you to reach your goal as well.In future, the company will take the scientific development concept as the command, will take the " The Belt and Road Initiative" strategy as an opportunity, be established in Wuhan, face the whole country, highly promote ecological agriculture construction, porpularize energy-saving emission reduction technology, improve rural living environment, rational use of agricultural resources. Strive to achieve strong agriculture, beautiful countries and rich farmers with all the efforts.

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