Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di Management Co. Ltd.

TIME: 2017-08-29
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 Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di Management Co. Ltd is a one-stop integrated service platform for science and technology commissioners, college students and peasant-workers who returned to hometown, agricultural start-ups to build a new type of agricultural innovation entrepreneurship openness established by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural sciences. It is one of the first batch of "Xing Chuang Tian Di" demonstration bases recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was also awarded "Hubei Provincial Xing Chuang Tian Di".

 Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di aims to be a domestic professional platform for the “Internet + biological agriculture”, through the marketization mechanism, specialized service and capitalization operation method, using the offline incubation carrier and online network platform, gathering the innovation resources and business elements, to promote rural of low cost, professional, innovative undertaking facilitation and information technology and rural public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation, at the same time to accelerate the development of the “123 “industrial convergence.

 In order to improve the innovation service system, Xing Chuang Tian Di has built five service platforms, i.e. two market-oriented platforms biological agriculture industry fund and "Wu Nongke" brand service platform, three Specialized platforms food safety testing, agricultural transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It provides strong support and open service to enterprises in the fields of providing talent, technology and equipment sharing. There are 4 agricultural science and technology popularization and application demonstration bases cooperated with Jingmen, Shiyan. The company will effectively promote innovation and entrepreneurship in social and creating a perfect stage for agricultural science and technology workers and entrepreneurs who are familiar with rural areas and agriculture.

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