Wuhan Biotech Makerspace Investment Management Co., Ltd.

TIME: 2017-08-29
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 Wuhan Biotech Makerspace is an open and innovative platform set up under China’s “to be entrepreneur, to be innovator” strategy by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Wuhan Biotech Makerspace Investment Management Co., Ltd. is in charge of operate the Makerspace, with the registered capital of 10 million yuan. It aims to create a biological agricultural makerspace for innovators in this field. Wuhan Biotech Makerspace is the first domestic biological agriculture Makerspace, and it has been awarded with "Wuhan-level Makerspace", "Provincial-level Makerspace", "Agricultural Sub-center of Technological Achievements Transferring Center in Hubei " and "Hubei Province Intellectual Property Service Base". 

 Space is committed to be the domestic professional "Internet + bio-agriculture" makerspace, and actively strive for national, provincial, municipal and district governments’ support policies. The Makerspace has a 200 million industrial investment funds and a 20 million seed-fund. It also connects social capitals, establishes a comprehensive agricultural science and technology industry investment and financing system, which is good to attract, serve, and support bio-agriculture innovation and entrepreneurship development, organization of industry, capital exchange exhibition activities, boosting the incubation of modern biological agriculture scientific and technological achievements, the combination of equity capital of modern enterprise management mechanism to promote the enterprise science, standardize the operation, and promote the operation of the company itself to develop.

 The Makerspace provides one-stop service solution for the enterprises, including industrial and commercial registration, human resources and other operational service system; scientific and rational marketing, equity incentive, financial management, investment management and other management service system; technical experts guidance, one to one entrepreneurship instruction ,scientific and technological achievements into the transformation of technology and other business service system; multi-channel financing, the introduction of angel investment, equity investment and other capital services system.

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