Wuhan Longxin Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. Wuhan Longxin Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. was established in 2014 it is Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science’s publicity  platform information center and creative workshop established in the way of combination of marketization and professionalization. The company was held by Wuhan Longxin Technology Co. Ltd. and the registered capital is 100 millions yuan. The company's main business is the cultural communication information consultation; cultural exchange information consulting services; corporate image planning; corporate culture activities organization planning consulting; exhibition planning and services; domestic advertising design production publishing agency; photography and handicrafts sales etc. By focusing on creative design advertising planning media applications and cultural transmission etc. it determined to become "the cultural propaganda planning solution provider agricultural information dissemination consolidator and creative design solutions provider". The company insists in the business philosophy of "creating value for customers creating future for ourselves" and set "high grade high quality high prestige" as service policy. The company strives to be creative and always put people first. By making unremitting endeavor the company constantly enhances its modern management awareness and service capabilities. Since its establishment the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many partners and sincerely serves its customers. The company has a strong team mature professional experience and extensive media resources background. By the acuity of cultural sense powerful ability of resource integration chain development ideas and flexible business strategy it strives to become the local media creative industry pioneer of the era of media economy at the same time to provide the customer from the building up brand to comprehensive marketing services. Currently the company is combining "the Internet + agriculture" business and transforming into a new media with high-tech Internet business and traditional media business integration services in the field of agricultural new media companies. We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with all sectors of society to create a brilliant future together!
Wuhan Lianyun Science and Technology Development Co. LTD. Wuhan Lianyun Science and Technology Development Co. LTD. was established in June 2013. It is a subordinate enterprise affiliated to Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science. The state-owned enterprise focuses in agricultural technology application agricultural advisory services and technical development sales of primary agricultural products and daily provisions parking services enterprise management consulting landscaping services and trustee fixed asset management. The company sticks to the "nail spirit real practice and solid work service the park" concept and insist in the "service first safety first" work principle. The company starts from logistics services for Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science it is a public welfare logistics management company. LianYun fully uses means of marketization and socialization ensures the safety of the parks and beautiful environment also ensures that the canteen food is fresh and health makes sure that the state-owned assets are effectively managed by the company. After three years of improvement Lianyun begun to have a unified and efficient property management security guard order maintenance food processing and greening maintenance team. Aa LianYun is still at the start-up phase comparing to the companies in the market with mature systems good operation mode and stable customer resources Lianyun insist in low charge high standard strict management excellent service and building the brand philosophy. Lianyun strictly implement the party committee’s ideology i.e. saving cost equals to create value expanding profit to assist the academic research. The company aims to provide high-quality of logistic service work without increasing burden to Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science.   
Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di Management Co. Ltd. Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di Management Co. Ltd is a one-stop integrated service platform for science and technology commissioners college students and peasant-workers who returned to hometown agricultural start-ups to build a new type of agricultural innovation entrepreneurship openness established by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural sciences. It is one of the first batch of "Xing Chuang Tian Di" demonstration bases recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and was also awarded "Hubei Provincial Xing Chuang Tian Di". Wuhan Xing Chuang Tian Di aims to be a domestic professional platform for the “Internet + biological agriculture” through the marketization mechanism specialized service and capitalization operation method using the offline incubation carrier and online network platform gathering the innovation resources and business elements to promote rural of low cost professional innovative undertaking facilitation and information technology and rural public entrepreneurship peoples innovation at the same time to accelerate the development of the “123 “industrial convergence. In order to improve the innovation service system Xing Chuang Tian Di has built five service platforms i.e. two market-oriented platforms biological agriculture industry fund and "Wu Nongke" brand service platform three Specialized platforms food safety testing agricultural transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It provides strong support and open service to enterprises in the fields of providing talent technology and equipment sharing. There are 4 agricultural science and technology popularization and application demonstration bases cooperated with Jingmen Shiyan. The company will effectively promote innovation and entrepreneurship in social and creating a perfect stage for agricultural science and technology workers and entrepreneurs who are familiar with rural areas and agriculture.
Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research 1. Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research  Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research was established by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Wuhan Gaoke Agriculture Group Co. Ltd. The set up of Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research benefits Wuhan in giving play to its strengths in strong science research team and abundant resources in technology. It is an effective way to promote the development of "Chinese Species Hub" and the development of bio-agriculture industry. It is also the important support of promoting the city's modern urban agriculture in the forefront of the country. Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research focuses on bio-agriculture cultivating health industry decoding food safety  and implement integrated innovation. It has spent billions to build parks and a hundred of billions of to develop the industry. 2. Resource Aggregation Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research is supported by Wuhan Municipal and Wuhan government.It has highly explored potential resources of domestic and overseas’s industrial technology research institute biological industrial technology research institute academic research teams and expert academicians. 3. Development Direction  Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research’s development is in accord with the national strategy conforms to the industrial development trend. The institute adheres to cooperate with the government and enterprises being market-oriented and adopting enterprise operation mechanism focuses on becoming an important platform of Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area. And also  become the new bright spot of the East Lake High-tech Area of biological agriculture in the field. 4.Social Benefits The set up of Wuhan Institute of Bio-agriculture Industry Research is conducive to enhance the regional biological and health industry’s innovation ability and can accelerate the integration of Wuhan China and the world’s biological and health industry quality resources and to promote food safety and life-health industry development.
Wuhan Biotech Makerspace Investment Management Co. Ltd.  Wuhan Biotech Makerspace is an open and innovative platform set up under China’s “to be entrepreneur to be innovator” strategy by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Wuhan Biotech Makerspace Investment Management Co. Ltd. is in charge of operate the Makerspace with the registered capital of 10 million yuan. It aims to create a biological agricultural makerspace for innovators in this field. Wuhan Biotech Makerspace is the first domestic biological agriculture Makerspace and it has been awarded with "Wuhan-level Makerspace" "Provincial-level Makerspace" "Agricultural Sub-center of Technological Achievements Transferring Center in Hubei " and "Hubei Province Intellectual Property Service Base".  Space is committed to be the domestic professional "Internet + bio-agriculture" makerspace and actively strive for national provincial municipal and district governments’ support policies. The Makerspace has a 200 million industrial investment funds and a 20 million seed-fund. It also connects social capitals establishes a comprehensive agricultural science and technology industry investment and financing system which is good to attract serve and support bio-agriculture innovation and entrepreneurship development organization of industry capital exchange exhibition activities boosting the incubation of modern biological agriculture scientific and technological achievements the combination of equity capital of modern enterprise management mechanism to promote the enterprise science standardize the operation and promote the operation of the company itself to develop. The Makerspace provides one-stop service solution for the enterprises including industrial and commercial registration human resources and other operational service system; scientific and rational marketing equity incentive financial management investment management and other management service system; technical experts guidance one to one entrepreneurship instruction scientific and technological achievements into the transformation of technology and other business service system; multi-channel financing the introduction of angel investment equity investment and other capital services system.
Wuhan Bio-agriculture Industry Research Institute project geological survey officially launchedAugust 9 Wuhan Biological Agricultural Industry Research Institute project geotechnical reconnaissance work was officially launched the duration is expected to 1 month. Geotechnical engineering survey is the basis of design and construction and the company attaches great importance to this. Due to the project site has not yet been handed over geological survey can not be carried out resulting in follow-up construction design planning construction approval procedures and other work can not be fully launched. In order to promote the construction the company set up the special leading group and headquarters the latest progress of the scene to the relevant authorities to report to overcome difficulties co-ordination arrangements coordinated coordination to ensure that geotechnical work completed as required. At present geological prospecting work is progressing smoothly after the geological survey work the project site will immediately start the temporary construction facilities and other construction. According to the geological survey data the design institute will refine the construction drawing design for the construction plans for retrial the project started to lay the foundation. Wuhan bio-agriculture industry research project is an effective measure to promote the "Chinese species" construction and bio-agriculture industry and an important support to promote the city's modern urban agriculture in the forefront in the country. The project focuses on bio-agriculture cultivating health industry decoding food safety and the implementation of integrated innovation. It will build a billion park hundreds of millions of industries and promote regional economic development.   
Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design InstituteWuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 30 millions yuan. It is a modern agricultural park and a new rural construction program provider. In 2013 the company was listed on the Equity Custody Trading Centre in Wuhan Stock Name: Agricultural Planning stock code: 100026 and the company's share is open to the public.  Wuhan Modern Urban Agriculture Planning and Design Institute has qualifications of Agriculture and Forestry Industry (integrated ecological agricultural engineering development) design Urban and Rural Planning Tourism Planning Agriculture and Construction Consulting General Contracting of Construction Projectsetc. It also undertakes agriculture and forestry water conservancy construction landscape garden forestry consulting and the one-stop service of surveying planning design and construction. The company is equipped with professional technical personnel including registered engineers of water conservancy urban planning land resources management horticulture landscape architecture water conservancy and hydro power roads and bridges agriculture animal husbandry aquatic products gardening food processingetc. There are 14 registered professionals in urban planning water supply and drainage structure electricity HVAC and advisory engineering 6 senior technicians and 15 medium-grade registered professionals as well. When the company was first established it set "plan China's the most beautiful village" as the goal to increase farmers' revenue and agricultural efficiency as their responsibility. The company makes good use its own advantages integrates academic resources cooperates with research institutes gathers domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars makes the focal points stand out the design philosophy of Advanced Planning Innovative Design Integration of Urban and Rural Design serving the Issues of agriculture farmer and rural area. The Company actively carries out agricultural development strategy research agricultural policy research agricultural industry research agricultural planning and design research agriculture-related research agricultural project investment consulting research Proposal feasibility study report fund application report business plan implementation plan industrial development special plan agricultural park planning beautiful rural and characteristic town construction planning agricultural project preliminary design construction design and construction. Up to now it has completed more than 500 planning and design projects and many of projects have won awards in China the scope of business covers the whole country the overall planning and design area is more than 300000 square kilometers pulled social investment reaches nearly 500 billion yuan. It has been identified as a high-tech enterprise by Hubei Province and identified as scientific and technological enterprise by Wuhan. After struggling with all the difficulities yourself others will help you to reach your goal as well.In future the company will take the scientific development concept as the command will take the " The Belt and Road Initiative" strategy as an opportunity be established in Wuhan face the whole country highly promote ecological agriculture construction porpularize energy-saving emission reduction technology improve rural living environment rational use of agricultural resources. Strive to achieve strong agriculture beautiful countries and rich farmers with all the efforts.
Company Profile Wuhan Longxin Technology Investment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longxin) which was formally known as Wuhan Longxin TechnologyDevelopment Co. Ltd. was registered in November 13 2001 with a registered capital of 30 millions yuan. In July 7 2015 the company officially changed its name to Wuhan Longxin Technology Investment Co. Ltd. with a registered capital of 300 millions yuan.      Longxin the state-owned assets operation and management platform of Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences sticks to the concept of "Technology towards to the market using resources to acquire interests strength the development of the industry” adheres to the development target of "bigger stronger and better" and push the three-in-one development model of "asset management project operation and investment operation".  It also uses the capital as a linkage to explore the efficient operation of state-owned capital actively through the market operation mechanism focuses on the field of modern agricultural industrialization establishes the system mechanism and fulfill the state-owned capital operation management structure and the personnel to carry out state-owned capital operationfulfill the function of industrial development boosts the building of a strong foundation of the rapid and healthy development of regional agricultural science and technology industry for exploring the new path of agricultural modernization solves issues of agriculture farmer and rural area to realize agricultural dream move forward bravely no matter what you will confront.
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